Personalized productivity profile - Productivity Matrix

A tailor-made productivity profile... for professionals. The success of the today's (often complex) organization is largely determined by the effectivity and efficiency of the interaction of employees and management. This personal effectivity however is dependent of the type of organization and the business in which it operates. Now, how do you know whether your personal productive role matches the demands of the organization? In one work-environment you can feel perfectly at home, where in some other place the match may be less optimal. In our productivity profile you gain insight in your personal productivity as well as a possible match with a certain type of organizational culture. Put differently; your productivity profile gives insight in your cultural contribution to the overall organization.

The productivity profiles are supported by the so-called productivity matrix. this matrix shows all the relevant elements regarding productivity:


Managing productivity can be formulated in a powerful way.

... and for managers.

The profile can also be established for managers who manage professionals. A manager is responsible for the overall productivity of the team. The tool gives the manager a formula with which he can determine the productivity given the role of the employee(s) in the team. Also the style of organizing - how to organize - plays a role in this; there is a close relation between style and productivity. The outcome of the profile can be used as input for other performance management systems like the Balanced ScoreCard or can give input for competence profiles.

The productivity profile can be tailored especially to your situation. For this personalized version you will have to respond to a few questions. Access to these questions is free.