More about Astor White. Initiator: Hans Bool -

Astor White is a initiative of Hans Bool. He combined his experience as an external consultant, project manager and business architect with his economical background into a new vision on consulting. His focus is set on the areas: management, change and culture. Expertise he gained in culture comes from working in foreign countries (Argentina - a legacy of the name Astor - and  South Africa) as for multinational companies  in countries like Kenia, Malaysia, Egypt and Thailand. He now works and lives in Spain for the same cultural reason: to elaborate his expertise on culture. He has developed an own vision on cultural change which he published in two Dutch books.
As a project manager and later on a business architect he has been continuously involved in change. When working with the international consultants he found uncharted territory between business (consulting) and organizational change.

    Het Boek - Uw organisatie op koers

Read more about him and these topics on his blogs (writers block note  & productive style)- He also writes articles at ezine If you like to know more about reference projects please contact us.