Biography of a manager - - - -

"The Biography of a Manager"
A new (e)book about management, where the focus is set on a single question: what have you done?
"Why does it matter what I have done?" It does for a number of reasons. But one of them is explained in the book. This focus will give you a complete new experience on the topic of management and will show you that managing a business and managing an organization isn't really that different.
CONTENTS of the book:
  1. How to read a CURRICULUM - 3
  2. How to manage a PROFESSIONAL - 37
  3. How to manage a TEAM - 91
  4. How to manage CULTURE - 168
  5. How to manage DEVELOPMENT - 195
  6. How to manage TIME - 231
  7. Wrapping-up: six lessons - 238

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