Advice for organizations -

Corporate Values. Corporate values can be very useful in managing complex organizations. They give a clear indication of the culture of a company and a strong culture can help to improve the productivity of the organization. Therefore it is necessary that the corporate defined values match with the type of company and organization. We can help you find a first set of corporate values that will fit with the profile of the organization. Please contact us for more information .
Business Architecture. Business architecture is a relative new domain in (corporate) management, that focuses on the coherence of organizational goals with an overall defined strategy. Because of the increasing complexity of organizations, it becomes more and more important that the individual ares in the organziation fit within the whole. Business architecture is a means to check this. More information on business architecture.

Team Productivity Assessments. By means of a team assessment we can offer managers an impression of the productive differences in a normal team or a management team. Such an analysis gives you additional information and insight than other models - like for instance competence based models - offer. More information on team assessments.