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It's In What You Do!Welcome... to the site where you can find (free) management tools. Some of them simple, others more sophisticated, but always with a clear purpose: to help you increase you personal and organizational performance. Our tools can be used online in a single stand-alone version or in a team environment. Please, help yourself ... Increasing the productivity of an organization is not a simple task. Neither is it impossible. With our tools you can self assess your situation, online and at the moment that best suits you. We hand over the key to a higher performance.

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Is your organization still on its course? Is your team balanced in the right way, are individual tasks clearly defined and ... in line with the objectives of the whole organization? Today's turbulent environment requires highly diversified teams. Yet you still would like to know whether individual team members are sufficiently aligned. With our team alignmentyou will energize and empower your team with the right extra energy to move on. For a higher performance. 

Your personal style and how you influence others

There are different productivity roles people can adopt during their professional life. Some roles are efficient for one specific situation, but counterproductive in another. Would you like to know more about your personal productivity strengths and the role you play best in your career? Find out how to increase your productivity on an individual level as well as your contribution within a team; start using our free online assessment on personal productivity and help yourself: Personal Productivity.