Resources (books) -

In the new book Corporate Values - a guide for modern business practices, you will learn how to select corporate values that fit as good as possible the culture of the organization. The book will show you six concrete guidelines to follow for designing a matching set of corporate values; matching with the culture of your organization.

The Biography of a professional is a book for those professionals that want to improve their competences, sharpen their productive focus and help to find the best supporting working style. It helps the professional preparing for a next step in its professional career. The approach is based on a professional cycle all professionals are dealing with. 

The -- Biography of a Manager / Managing your productive biography -- is an e-book that explains the role of the manager from a productive viewpoint, the management of teams and culture in organizations. This book can be used as a change management guide in which the focus is not only on what people want to achieve and to change but also (to balance this ) with their background and experience.