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Corporate values that Fit your business
How do we find the right corporate values.

To find the corporate values that fit your organization is a process that takes time and requires a lot of resources from the organization. It is a It is also an instructive proces, but in these times of organizational pressure and time-to-market it is also important that internal projects don't consume too much valueable resources and do not delay other external client projects.

We offer a method by which you can decrease the amount of time used to define your corporate values. We offer a first set of corporate values together with a profile of your organization. This will help you to speed things up and it supports the discussions about formulation the values statement that fit the culture of the organization.
De methode offers you the possibility to make virtual choices in organizing activities. The outcome will indicate an organizational preference that is fully tailored to your organization. The organizational (cultural) profile contains a set of corporate values that match this profile. These values can be elaborated internally in more detail.
The questions are open after registration. For access to the (first part) of the questions you can use this link.
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