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Investments. Besides being an advisor, Astor White is also an investment company and thus an investor. This dual focus can serve you in many ways. Investing is very similar to organizing because it has a professional side. The investor needs the make analysis of investment objects and select investments which it finds most promising. And...what is the amount of risk you are willing to take? What is your risk appetite or stated risk preference? The financial sector with its complexity, suits very well as an environment where models can be used.

Astor White has recently changed its focus - exclusively - to the financial sector.

In important question both for us as any investor is, why? We do not think that everything starts with why, but in this field, it is a valid question? Why are we here, in the investment area / environment? Here are some considerations:

- We have been investing all our life, starting from a legacy or learning from our parents. In our case we had no real legacy when we started but in our family investing was a common practice. We personally could not leverage on knowledge brought by parents , so we had to learn the game by ourselves.

- Investing turned out to be very interesting, where various factors came together: making money, learning about the world and having fun.

- ...

We are working on communicating our investment beliefs.

Demand and Supply-side of investing.

The supply-side of investing is focused on what investment object are relevant and interesting for the investor. There are many kinds of investors and focus is what differentiates them. Our focus in on stocks and that means the analysis is done on companies.
The demand-side of investment is even more interesting for the advisor role, yet the demand of investing has everything to do with your personal (investment) profile. Some investors are very short term focused and they are more like traders, others are concentrated only on long term investments, for example companies that have shown to outperform the market for several years.

Your own role in investments...

The demand-side of investment is also the part of investing where emotions are analyzed. Emotions and business cycles are important investment themes. Because of a change of market sentiments, the investment opportunities may change. So objective analysis is therefore only one part of the investment decisions.

Investment Advice

During the last nearly twenty years, we have read hundreds of annual reports of companies and understand the differences between companies on a cultural level but also financial wise...

- our focus is on understanding your role in the investment process

- company analysis and second opinions

- economics for investors. Not every investor needs an economics degree, but there is so much noise in the financial market that sometimes it is beneficial to ask an opinion of an experienced investor with an economics background, that can explore themes like inflation, interest rates and uncertainty in general. Picture