Twenty Years -

How it started...

Astor White started in (or just before) 2004. This year we exist twenty years and we didn't even thought about it, because we were busy with our work but most of all, we have started a new development.

Apparently, the new development comes at a time of our anniversary.

Twenty years ago we started as an online consulting business. the idea was to advise clients in a new way, by trying to gather information online about a company or a professional in the field. the idea is that from a distance and without the human interaction it is possible to be more neutral and more objective.

We started in the field of organization & culture and personal development, and focused on building and enhancing a model about productivity. That resulted in the productivity-matrix and the Authentic Productivity Guide, APG.

Personal & Financial Investments

Now we are ready for the next step, as the development of artificial intelligence has taken off. Natural language has become part of technology and the interface to communicate online has changed forever.

Our model that we have developed over the years suits this proces very well, and so have have focused on two niche areas where we have trained our models for the next steps:

- Personal change and development, Our Biographical Model

- Financial and company analysis, Our Business Model

... soon we will comunicate more about these developments